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Samantha Jones wearing a blue halter top and dangly earrings

Client: Christina Stephens
Scope of Works: Brand Spirit
Results: I helped them rebrand from feeling like your classic, conservative, neutral toned Sally Field, to your bold, loud, and sparkly Samantha Jones. 

"We now have a clear brand identity, which makes our marketing, business decisions, and day-to-day operations so much easier and streamlined."

Christina Stephens was like your well-dressed, kind-hearted nanna. But the business evolved, and the brand no longer ‘fit’.

I asked lots of questions to understand the core business values, and in this case, the vision they had to be seen as a bold pioneer in their field.

Samantha Jones embodied all the characteristics Christina Stephens was moving into – honest, tough, loyal, confident, strong, outspoken, outrageous, candid and sassy.

And just like that, the phrase “What would Samantha do?” is used by the team every day for things like:

  • Drafting social media posts to pack more punch
  • Briefing third parties and having no ‘back-and-forth’ with edits
  • Working with partners and collaborations who ‘fit’
  • Writing bold keynote speeches

Having one united tone of voice is invaluable

Although Stella Maris had a central Marketing Department, many stakeholders would represent the school, making a consistent tone of voice difficult. 

Extensive stakeholder engagement was conducted to find out how the College was really perceived in the community, and what core values were the strongest. 

Jacinda Ardern was identified as the College’s Brand Spirit. She displayed all the qualities that Stella girls aspired to be – a compassionate leader, whose kindness and authenticity hallmarked her time in office, particularly her humility in multitasking, her sense of humour and tactfulness under pressure. The Stella Brand personality was refined to be real, authentic and unfiltered, underpinning the broader tone of voice for all Stella Maris marketing. A comprehensive tone of voice document was created to help guide all communications, by internal and external parties, ensuring a consistent brand voice.

Client: Stella Maris College Manly
Scope of Works: Brand Strategy
Results: Stella Maris went from having a disjointed, unaligned tone of voice, to a strong, cohesive brand voice at all touch points. 

Amal Clooney

Client: Fame Events
Scope of Works: Brand Polish
Results: Fame Events had messaging that nailed what they do (so well!) and a Brand Spirit that captured their brand essence, allowing them to make decisions with confidence. 

One phone call and you actually got our brand voice

Fame Events is a premier event design company in QLD, who recently pivoted away from weddings, and now exclusively do events for corporate clients. They needed a ‘brand polish’ to really nail their messaging, establish the brand as an authority in the events industry, and ensure their audience understood the transition. 

Fame Events had already invested in making sure their brand had solid foundations. So we undertook a fine-tuning process, where we refined their USP, their 30 second pitch and created ‘copy & paste’ messaging that clearly conveyed their personality, and authority. 

We identified that the Fame Events brand was lux, elegant, offered bespoke experiences, was imaginative and innovative in their approach, and never boring. But what really set them apart was that they deeply understood the business goal behind the event, and delivered on KPIs and ROI, in addition to putting on a spectacular show. 

Just like Amal, Fame Events is highly-intelligent, driven, compassionate, articulate, charismatic, elegant, sophisticated, strong-willed, and philanthropic. She oozes sophistication, is always considered and eloquent, and is comfortable setting trends and forging a new path. 

That's so us.

Accelerate (formerly Sentient Dynamics) are a tech solutions company who experienced massive growth very quickly. They “slapped together” a brand to service their first clients, and grew so quickly they didn’t have time to revisit it. The Founders knew that to get to the next level of growth they wanted, they need to ensure their brand foundations were solid. 

A review of their brand presence quickly uncovered a lack of ‘humanness’ in their online brand. Their website only contained stock images, which was reflective in their messaging and tone of voice. Their presence felt mechanic and not aligned to the vibrant personalities behind the brand.  

The character ‘Maverick’ from Top Gun was identified as Accelerate’s Brand Spirit. Their brand values were open, honest, wise, and brave. They move quickly, but with logic, methodology, and a dash of intuition. And they are constantly pushing the envelope, leading the change, and showing others a better way. 

The Founders of Accelerate felt an instant bond to Maverick – “that’s so us.” They now use the Maverick Brand Spirit in their day-to-day decision making to continue to drive rapid growth, qualify better, more aligned leads, and inject more personality into their online messaging. 

Maverick walking away from his jet

Client: Accelerate (formerly Sentient Dynamics)
Scope of Works: Brand Strategy
Results: Accelerate went from being a ‘just tech’ company to being a tech brand with (big) personality.

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