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Sick of staring at a blank screen trying to work out your brand messages?


Knowing your brand as well as you know your bestie means business becomes easy. Make decisions faster, speak authentically on demand, and create content in a jiffy that gives your audience the feels and positions you as the authority.

People buy from people, not companies.

Here’s how I can help you sell without the ick, and do your business YOUR way.

BRAND Review

A comprehensive review of your brand’s digital footprint. How your brand ‘shows up’ across all of your social media platforms, emails, website, app and third party platforms. I also peek under the covers at your data to really get to know what’s happening, and what’s not.


brand spirit

A bespoke brand strategy package that looks at your brand values, beliefs, personality traits, tone of voice – all the characteristics that make it human, and we assign them to a character who embodies your brand spirit. It’s so much easier to market your brand effectively when you have a character, or spirit, that you can just slide into. 

Brand polish

Perfect for those who’ve been in business a few years and feel like they’ve outgrown their brand. You’ve got all the brand fundamentals, they just need a joojsh. Walk away being able to clearly articulate what makes you different from the rest, and start making boss-decisions that are brand-aligned. 

Ready to bust business stagnation, make that impact, and own that holiday house?


I know it can be daunting taking that first step, but I promise, this is an easy one. Just fill in a short form and tell me what’s up, or what’s down and what branding or marketing challenges you’re experiencing.

book a call

Then we’ll jump on a call. I’ll probably be sipping a skinny latte, and I’ll probably ask a few questions to get an understanding of why you booked the call, and how I might help. The main purpose of this call is to find out if we vibe, and if I can actually help you. (If I can’t, I’ll tell you straight up. I have a big network, so chances are I know who can.)

we work out a plan

My main goal is to help you market your brand with ease and authenticity. So depending on what service you need, we’ll map out the best plan to get you there, within your budget and timeframe. 

Clare sitting at a table wearing a white singlet and red necklace holding a coffee

Hey, I’m Clare

I’m a fiend for great conversations, cab savs and cringe-worthy dad jokes

I’ve always been a bit of a people person. When I went to uni in Brisbane, I’d often wander to Queen Street Mall on my breaks, and just sit and people-watch. I was fascinated by how people behaved, how they talked, how they interacted with other people. 

Fast forward a few years and I was cutting my teeth in a leading branding agency. It was here that I had my epiphanic ‘bottle cap’ moment. I found myself sitting around a boardroom table debating which colour bottle cap would sell more milk. Cue my next adventure! 

Fast forward a few more years, acceptance into medical school and a whole bunch of experience working client-side, I realised my passion really was, people. I threw myself into finding out how to use my people skills for good. I call this my try-everything-phase, where I worked on branding and marketing strategies for startups, not-for-profits, and medium organisations, across health, education, FMCG, fashion, retail, B2B, coaching, and disability industries. 

It was here I realised that the common denominator for all the most successful branding and marketing campaigns, came down to people, or rather, the human element.

you may be wondering

Great, let’s chat! I also offer bespoke branding & marketing packages, including retainer services, depending on the scope and requirements. Enough fluff, book a chat and we can work out a plan together. 

I could bang on about my more than 15 years’ of experience, or the level of quality and results I get for my clients, but the biggest investment you get with The Human Element is a people-first approach. You get something that’s just for you. Cookie-cutter templates are for amateurs. You’re better than that, and so am I. Plus, investing in me isn’t for this one project you have – the work we do together has a lasting impact on your brand’s growth and success. We’re playing the long-term game!

Yep. Payment is typically divided into two parts: a 50% upfront deposit to secure your booking, and the remaining 50% before file delivery. For added financial flexibility, we can arrange smaller payments over time or split the project into stages to align with your cash flow.

Ready to do business with ease?

That holiday house, that dream life you’ve envisioned is one small step away. Shoot me an enquiry form, then let’s work out next steps together. Grow your brand and your business with The Human Element. 

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