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Feeling ‘meh’ about your business? Here’s what to do

We’ve all had those days in our business. You know the ones where you sit and stare at your inbox, not clicking, not reading. Just feeling completely unmotivated to get going for the day. 

But if those days have stretched into weeks, or months, and you feel like you’re just going through the motions, then perhaps it’s a good time to reassess. 

Everyone has their own experiences and stories, and I’m not about to solve *every* ickiness in your business. No one can do that! But as a brand strategist with nearly 15 years of experience, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve that can make you go from meh to motivated. 

  1. Revisit your WHY

Simon Sinek’s infamous Why How What circle reminds us that your Why should be “Why do you get out of bed in the morning, and why should anyone care.” Your Why is the reason you started your business. It’s not about making money, but rather, the impact or legacy you want to leave. It’s your purpose, your core belief, your life mission. 

Going back to this can be a pretty powerful motivator to shake things up and realign your business and offers, to your overarching purpose. If you’re still in love with your Why, keep reading. 

  1. Get a taste of your special sauce

Remember when you wrote the copy for your website that says why your clients come to YOU over your competitors? This is your special sauce! It’s what makes you unique, sets you apart from the crowds, and is the biggest reason why people will throw their cash at you. 

Snacking on your special sauce is something that you should be doing on the daily. Or the weekly, at the very least. It’s not just stroking your ego (although a little bit never hurt anyone!), it’s like your daily gee-up, your affirmation if you will, about the gift you bring to the world and how it can transform your clients. 

  1. Go chat with your clients

Seeking feedback from your clients can be a game changer. They are the people most invested in you, so it makes sense that chatting to them will give you an oomph or two. Ask them why they love working with you. What transformation you give them. What impact you have made. 

But don’t make it all about you. Find out more about them. Ask: What inspires them? What do they do on a Saturday morning? What’s their take on the last SITC And Just Like That episode? The more information you’re armed with about your clients, the better you are positioned to speak to their deepest desires. 

Chatting with your clients can also spark new ideas, offers and angles you haven’t considered. And you know what they say – a change is as good as a holiday!

  1. Go to your creative happy space

For me, that looks like pouring a glass of red and cooking something delicious. Or going for a run. Or that micro-second just before I fall to sleep (so bluddy annoying, but that’s usually when the best ideas strike!)

The point is, step away from your computer and stop running on that hamster wheel. Take some time to feel, to do, to dream. 

Creativity comes from spontaneous meetings, from random discussions.

The brainstorming process is where creativity thrives. Give yourself the opportunity to infuse new life into your business. During this phase, no idea is a silly idea. Explore idioms related to your brand, focus on the benefits you offer, play with keywords and core values, and revisit how your ideal clients feel after engaging with your brand. Record every idea, regardless of how absurd it sounds at the time.

  1. Remove yourself from the equation

What does that even mean?

When you’re ‘in’ your business, you’re not ‘on’ in your business.

You’re reactionary and making decisions based on your personal feelings and experiences. 

There’s a place for this, but it also invites business stagnation, because you’re not making brand-led and purposeful business decisions. 

I get my clients to step into their Brand Spirit, a character that embodies their brand essence, helps them to disassociate themselves, removes imposter syndrome, and helps them make better, brand-led business decisions. 

For example, when one of my client’s content started falling a bit flat, they asked “What would Samantha do?”

Using this filter, they cut the waffle in their content, made it sexier, bolder and more provocative, and almost instantly noticed an increase in engagement. Business goal achieved. 

Another client was having a hard time with a tricky client. So she asked herself “What would Mary Poppins do?”

The result? She cleaned house! She implemented systems and processes to ensure similar (no good) clients never entered her sphere again. And she moved on. 

By identifying your brand as a human character, you get a deeper understanding of who it is, what it stands for, and how to make brand-led business decisions with authenticity and ease. 

If none of these ideas have floated your boat, or you’re curious about your Brand Spirit, come chat with me. Staying motivated in the ever-evolving world of branding can be both an art and a science. In the words of one of the most infamous brands in the world, I’m here to help you go from meh, to “I’m Lovin’ It.” 

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